Buying Oriental Carpets
      by Ashley Mastronardi (@Fox5Ash)


Oriental rugs are decadent, long lasting, and exotic. According to experts Mike McRee, of Caravan Connection, Inc., and Lee Drexler many factors can decrease their value.

So what things do you need to look out for?

Drexler says make sure you are dealing with the real thing by flipping the rug over. Machine-made rugs, which are not oriental, have perfect stitches.

Another red flag is the use of an aniline dye or marker repairs. You can check for these by rubbing the surface of the carpet with a wet paper towel. Generally, the dye will come off.

Drexler recalls a case in which a woman paid $200,000 for two oriental rugs, but was only able to get $20,000 when she tried to auction them off because the rugs were so badly repaired and painted with felt-tip markers.

McRee says repairs can decrease the value of an oriental rug if they are not done responsibly. A reputable dealer should tell you if he or she knows things about a carpet, such as if it has been painted and if the carpet has had repairs. But Drexler says that doesn’t always happen, especially at tag sales and auctions.

Drexler says other red flags are if the fringe of the rug is cut off or if the rug is faded, worn down or stained.

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