We take the guesswork out of what you’re buying!

Mission statement:

The fine art of Oriental rug making has been passed down through the centuries but, for most people, how to purchase a rug seems a complex and mysterious process! So we decided to eliminate the confusion by developing an easy system to evaluate the quality or durability of each and every rug we sell. And with that system comes suggestions of the appropriate quality level to use in specific areas of your home. We call this system and unique rating scale our Quality Rating System (QRS).

How Our QRS Works!

Caravan examines each area rug we sell and we rate it for quality (durability) on a scale of “1” (lowest) to “10” (highest) or an Olympic-type scale. There are four criteria we examine in order to make our evaluation. They are Knot Count, Wool Quality, Density and Aesthetics. Let’s take a quick look at each and why we think they are important.

Knot Count – The more knots per square inch, the cleaner, sharper and more intricate the design can be.

Wool Quality – The degree of fat or lanolin in the wool determines its elasticity to withstand wear. To us, this is the most important factor.

Density – The greater the ply or diameter of the yarn the more it will enable the fibers to support themselves. You will then be able to walk on the tips of yarn and not crush it. The fibers will also impede dirt from filtering into the foundation of the carpet.

Aesthetics – The ultimate criterion for your purchase! Do you love the rug? This is very subjective but we consider such parameters as the quality of dyes, harmony and balance of design and color as well as the final finishing of the piece.

Contact Us About Our Area Rugs

If you are looking to update your living space in the New York, NY area, trust our team. We have a variety of areas rugs to choose from. Whether you are trying to cover up a spot on the floor, protect your flooring from your pet’s claws, or you want to add color and style to your room, we’ve got what you are looking for. Stop in or call us today!