We always recommend the use of a pad under your oriental carpet to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. The pad has the twofold job of keeping the rug from moving or buckling, as well as to impede dirt from getting into the foundation of the carpet! We offer different pads for use over different surfaces. When ordering a pad, please let us know if the pad will be used on wood flooring, tile, laminate, or broadloom.

Since oriental carpets are hand-knotted and sizes are not uniform, you need to measure your carpet before you order the pad. Measure only the piled area of the carpet – do not include the fringe. You can then order the appropriate size to fit under your carpet. We offer two pads: Durahold Plus and Rug Chek Plus. Durahold is our standard pad which covers most rug situations. If the rug will be used in an entry hall where an exterior door may not be high enough to clear both rug and pad, we recommend Rug Chek Plus, which we use only in this situation.

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Stair Hardware

Due to the popularity of using oriental rugs as stair runners, we are pleased to offer a range of options for stair hardware to hold the runners in place. We offer brass rods which are custom cut to fit your stair, as well as an assortment of brass finials. We also offer sets of brass clips which can be used in place of the rods. The clips are sold in pairs and are a good choice for stairs that are narrower and cannot handle the traditional rod and finial combination. Please contact us for pricing information.